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Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken

Sep 3, 2012

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Guest post recipe by Bubviv of

Lemon chicken is pretty much a staple on the menu in any Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Tender, crispy chicken drizzled with a tangy lemon sauce, served with steamed rice and a side of veggie … most likely bok choy stir-fried with garlic. Yummy! Lemon chicken has always been one of my favourites, but it depends greatly on where you get it from. Some places get it right, some don’t.

The flavours in this dish are pretty straightforward and simple. Even the ingredient list is pretty basic, thus making it a very economical meal. When I was living in Kuala Lumpur lemon chicken was never made at home ~ I mean, why would it be? The shops were nearby and food is cheap back home. But now I live in Amsterdam, and Chinese favourites like these are hard to come by … so this was the first time ever I have had to make this recipe from scratch.

Upon embarking on this dish, a few things became apparently clear; things that never even crossed my mind before. So here are some top tips so you don’t end up making the same silly mistakes like I did today.

- Generously season your chicken before coating in flour and egg. The flour coating really doesn’t taste like much, so season that too.
- Use half cornstarch and half panko crumbs for an extra crispy shell.
- Coat the chicken in a very light dusting of cornflour first before dipping in egg so that the egg has something to adhere to.
- Avoid oil sputters by drying your chicken pieces thoroughly before coating in egg and flour.
- Pour over the lemon sauce just before serving to ensure maximum crispiness when this dish hits the table.

Lemon Chicken

Ingredients : (serves 4)
• 8 pieces chicken thigh fillets, skinned and boned
• 2 eggs, lightly beaten
• 1 cup cornstarch
• 1 cup panko crumbs
• 2 tsp garlic powder
• Salt & white pepper to taste.

1. Heat some peanut oil in a deep pan over medium-high heat.
2. Trim the chicken pieces of any excess fat. Then season generously with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
3. Dust with some plain cornstarch, then dip in the egg.
4. In a separate bowl combine one cup of cornstarch (you can also use potato flour if you wish) with one cup panko crumbs. Season with salt & pepper.
5. Toss the egg-dipped chicken in the flour mix and immediately place in the hot oil.
6. Fry for 4 – 5 minutes or until golden. Place onto wire rack to drain and cool slightly.
7. Meanwhile, make your sauce.

Lemon Sauce:
• 125 mls lemon juice
• 1 tbsp sweet rice wine vinegar
• 2 tbsp sugar
• 2 tsp cornstarch
• 60 mls water or vegetable stock

Lemon Chicken

1. In a wide-based pan, add the lemon juice, the sugar and vinegar. Simmer until it reduces by half.
2. Mix the cornstarch in with tepid water or veggie stock that is at room temperature. You will get a milky white mixture. Pour this into the lemon sauce and it will thicken immediately.
3. Adjust the sweet and sour notes to your taste.
4. Cut your chicken into bite-sized pieces and pour over the lemon sauce. Serve immediately.

Author’s Bio :
Vivienne Nonis, also known as Bubviv, is the woman behind the blog site. She grew up in Malaysia, but she currently resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. An eternal foodie, she delights in experiencing the culinary pleasures of the world. Her personal obsession at the moment is French regional cuisine.


  1. It has come to my attention that putting “some peanut oil into a deep pan” is a rather vague instruction to a certain someone. LoL. Point taken. In order to make myself a little clearer and a little more understood, I’d like to say that no matter what vessel you decide to use to deep fry the chicken, make sure you use enough oil to fill half the pot.

  2. Sarah Volpe /

    Thanks for the addition Viv, I always find I can do better just by chucking things into a pan than write it down as a formal recipe!!

  3. Sybille /

    Viv!! Thank you for bringing this yummie recepie to your site!! We took “Schnitzel” instead of chicken! Still yummie!!!


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