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Thai Recipes

This site is a creation of love and interest. My love for authentic Thai recipes and my interest for travel, especially travel in Thailand. I have decided to explore and share some of my best loved Thai recipes. These are dishes I enjoy making at home or eating out.

Thai food is such a diverse cuisine full of fresh and aromatic flavours and cleverly uses many ingredients you can store in your cupboard in jars and dried. The amazing thing about all Thai recipes is how wholesome and healthy they are. Many of my favourite Thai dishes are low in fat, family friendly and quick and easy.

When trying out variations of easy Thai recipes at home I like to keep the ingredients unpretentious, I am not a professional chef I just really enjoy simple and hearty Thai cuisine.

My love of food doesn’t stop there, I really enjoy a number of dishes from all over the continent of Asia and if you read my blog you will see many other inspired dishes from countries all over South East Asia including Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan to mention a few.

I have recently returned to live in Thailand for a short period of time and hope to collect many more ideas and Thai recipes. My love of Thai food is immense and I want to share it with others who have a similar fondness for Thai food and all those adventurous food lovers around the world.